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Thank you for your support over the past months. We are working on a lot of stuff to make A-Teens Chile as professional, friendly and info-oriented as possible. After all, this is our tribute to Marie, Sara, Amit and Dhani and they deserve the BEST. So that is why we are doing our best to keep the site updated all the time. Our main goal is to create the biggest A*Teens Database, the “A-teenspedia”!

A-Teens Chile

Thommy from Fangroup congratulated us on our hard work. He told us he would set a link for us on his website. We are very thankful to Thommy for introducing us to the European and English-speaking community. Click here to visit Thommy’s Fangroup.

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A-Teens’ reunion

This is what we’ve been working on recently. Click on the names of the sections to access.

I translated the biography of A-Teens for the Open-Up and eventually compiled and translated info and wrote the biographies of the four A*Teens. Branko edited some details, added more info and put excellent quality pics. We believe we are more or less informed on their lifes.

Branko scanned all albums, all singles and maxi singles, added tracklists, descriptions and chart information on all A-Teens releases. It’s the biggest Database of A-Teens Music. We even compiled and wrote an article on the blog about A*Teens Vynils.

Download music and videos from your computer or cellphone. All videos and digital downloads are subject to applicable Copyright from the country you are located. Some downloads may be or may not be available for download due to Copyright restrictions in your territory.

Our blog has been the hottest part of the site since its beginnings. I’ve written and compiled info on these topics in the form of articles.

– A-Teens On Billboard (Info compiled + Translation)
– Upside Down – Lyrics Translation and General Comment
– I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day: Song Review
– Happy New Year Song information & Review
– Dancing Queen song info + lyrics translated
– A*Teens On Vynil Discs
– Heartbreak Lullaby CD Single Review
– Our Last Summer Review
– The Name of The Game – Song Review
– One of Us song Review.
– Take a Chance on Me song review
– Gimme Gimme Gimme Song review added
– SOS song review
– Mamma Mia (Giuseppe Remix): Song Review
– A*Teens’ Cassettes
– For All That I Am Song Review
– “All My Love” song review
– This Year” song review
– Cross My Heart song review

We will continue to add more stuff and I will personally blog and translate as much as possible.

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What’s Next on our site…!
– Article on THIS YEAR from PTYD!
– Article on Cross My Heart
– Mamma Mia Special Anniversary (March)

Again, thank you for your support and we’re looking forward to reading from you.

The Team: Click on the names to contact us.
Gonzalo (Steve Muir) (Argentina, translator, admin & blogger)
Branko (Chile, founder, admin, news reporter)
Camilo (Chile, general admin)

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